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Lukas Geukens

Before currently working as a bicycle mechanic, growing up in Belgium Lukas got hooked on climbing after a summer camp at the local gym. Not long after he joined there youth program and
as soon as his age allowed he started competing at national youth cups in 2005, taking home numerous meddals over the years.

Altough last 5 years I gravitated towards the bouldering scene I still indulge in going out for lead climbing just as much. Hard power moves above a crashpad are great fun but are no comparison to keeping your focus as you pump your way up some 40 meter routes.
Competition wise I’ll stick to Bouldering as I find this a great way of keeping motivativated, watching my fellow competitors give it there best.
These days if I’m not hanging on a wal I am usualy on my bike taking in the scenery and getting started with bike racing.

The thing about climbing I might cherish the most is the way it takes you to all different kind of places: isolated valleys, mountain passes, mossy forrests. All of this beatifull places that can humble you and make you more aware that our inviorement is a fragile thing and should be left withouth a trace of our passing.

Wettkampf (Auszug):

  • 2.Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2015
  • 2.Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2014
  • 1.Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2013


  • Zarzaparilla 8A+
  • Magneton 8A
  • Le Pillier 8A
  • Willenberg Dach 8A
  • La Balance 8A


  • Baa baa, black sheep 8c  Céüse
  • L’ ami de tout le monde 8B  Céüse
  • Batuka 8B
  • Photo-shot 8B
  • Borderline 8B
  • Abrége Nief 8B
  • Pépés Malins 8B

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