Jennerstier SKIMO World Cup 2020 – Anton Palzer

13. Februar 2020

– SCARPA® Athlet Anton Palzer im Interview mit SCARPA S.p.a. –

The white circus of the ISMF World Cup arrives in Germany. Vertical, Individual and Sprint Race will take place in Berchtesgaden, a few kilometers away from Anton Palzer’s home. The third stage of the ISMF World Cup of ski mountaineering will be held in Berchtesgaden, on the German snows that have seen the birth and growth of the child prodigy of ski mountaineering Anton Palzer.

The recovery of the Vertical Race will take place on Friday morning in the German stage of Berchtesgaden, after the cancellation of the Chinese stage in Wanlong. Saturday morning will be the turn of the classic Individual Race while Sunday morning the spectacular Sprint Race will be staged. The competition field will be of the skiable domain of Jennerbahn. Even if in the first days of the week the weather conditions were not favorable, the forecasts announce stable and sunny weather for the weekend.

Anton Palzer, home athlete and bearer of the German national team, tells us how this World Cup „lives“.

What does running at home mean?

It’s great that we have the first worldcup in Germany, expecially at my home, Berchtesgaden. My first steps in skimo are on this mountain, I got my german élite Champion with a age of 16 there! And these mountains are perfect for a World Cup. Step ups and downhills!

After the first two stages of the World Cup, what do you expect from the next one?

I hope to do a good race like in Andorra. My shape is on a good level but after the individual in Andorra I got some stomach problems… that was the reason why the vertical was not that good. But first of all I’ll enjoy this weekend at home!

At what point is your training?

Well my shape is really good! But it’s super hard at the moment to get on the podium. There are so much athletes on a extremely good level who fight for the victory. But it’s great to see the process in skimo.

What are your goals for this season?

Puh. It’s hard to get a good position in the overall World Cup because we have not much races. Just 4 stages. When you’re sick one time it’s not possible to get to the top of the World Cup. A big goal this winter is the Pierra Menta with my Swiss friend Martin Anthamatten, and also the European Championships.

Three races in three days, how will you manage them?

The key on this weekend will be the regeneration. Physio, good food and a lot of sleep… It’s like a small Pierra Menta, so a good preparation for the real one!


Interview: SCARPA S.p.a.

Foto: Riccardo Selvatico