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Lukas Geukens

For the first time in my life, I stumbled my way through the door of a climbing gym back in 2001. A one week summer camp with my brother quickly got me hooked. As I saw how a young local legend Siebe Vanhee eased his way up the wall, while leaving us in awe. I got inspired to join the local youth team. This of course led to competition. From local to national, to European and eventually the world circuit.

Now at the age of 24, working full time as a bike mechanics in Belgium, it makes it a challenge to get my hands on some rock, as competition has been my main focus.

Yet, quite a few years have passed, a hunger to improve remains, new lines, destinations and competitions keep me on the move.

For me, 2019 wil be a year where competition climbing is pushed aside and all free time will be spend working on outdoor goals! Lead or bouldering, why choose if you can do both?


Wettkampf (Auszug):

  • 2.Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2018
  • 9.Platz IFSC EYC Stavanger
  • 39.Platz IFSC World Cup Vail
  • 2.Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2015
  • 2.Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2014
  • 1.Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2013


  • Zarzaparilla 8A+
  • Magneton 8A
  • Le Pillier 8A
  • Willenberg Dach 8A
  • La Balance 8A


  • Baa baa, black cheap 8c
  • Nikita 8c 8b
  • Pépés Malins 8b
  • L’ ami de tout le monde 8b  Céüse
  • Batuka 8b
  • Photo-shot 8b
  • Borderline 8b
  • Abrége Nief 8b
  • Pépés Malins 8b

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