Mathieu Ceron

Mathieu Ceron graduated in physiotherapy in 2009 and focused on treating climbing injuries ever since. He is specialized in hand/wrist and is also an ultrasound operator. He is currently the physiotherapist and one of the national coaches of the Dutch national team.

Climbing for him started in 1998 and he has hooked since the first day. Between work, he tries to go as much outdoors as possible, Frankenjura being one of his favorite climbing areas. He has never been much into projecting but during the last years, he focused a little more on trying harder routes. Bouldering is something he enjoys as well, but mostly indoors or when it’s too cold to go outdoor climbing.


Sportliche Highlights



  • Intercooler 8c Frankenjura
  • Flower Power 8c Grampians
  • Kamarprobbinn 8b+ Hnappavellir



    • Jungle book 8a – Cresciano
    • Serre Moi Fort 8a – Chironico
    • Souvenir 8a – Chironico


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