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Sébastien Berthe

Former student in Physical Education and confirmed athlete (running, triathlete,…), Sébastien is involved in climbing since his childhood. Born in Bruxelles in 1993, his father made him discover climbing in the city of Arlon (Belgium) at the age of 7. At about 10 years old he started rock and competition climbing, and fell in love. From that time, he has continued to perform on all fronts, either on competition or on rocks. On one side, he became many times Belgian champion in the young and senior categories and participated in many international competitions. On the other side, he moved a lot around Europe to climb every piece rock (sport-climbing, bouldering, multipitch, tad-climbing,…) on his way.

“What I really like about climbing is the variety of the sport, and never get bored of practicing it. I am always motivated to discover new things, new places, and every different type of climbing. When my skin does not allow me to climb anymore, I like running, hiking, biking, ski-mountaineering with friends, or reading a book.
I am also involved in the training of young athletes who I like to share my passion and knowledge of climbing with.
Vegetarian, fond of nature and freedom, I really try to travel and practice my climbing with respect on the environment.”


Sportliche Highlights



Belgian lead champion 2018, 2014
10 Belgian Youth champion titles in bouldering and lead
2nd at the University European Championship 2017 in lead and combined
27th in the Edinburgh lead World Cup 2017


The hardest routes I climbed:

La cabane au canada, 9a (Rawyl)
Galaxy, 8c+ second ascent (Freyr)
La clou, 8c (Freyr)
Razorblade, 8c (Freyr)
Supernova, first ascent (Freyr)


The trad multipitch routes:

Free heart route (2nd ascent) (El capitan, Yosemite)
Freerider in a day (El capitan, Yosemite)
The nose in 9h59 (not evrything free) (El capitan Yosemite)
Fathertime (middle cathedral, Yosemite)
Final frontier on sight (Yosemite)
South face (Mt Watkins, Yosemite)


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