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Thomas Salakenos

I am a 24 year old climber from Belgium and I`m living in the city of Louvain-La-Neuve and just gratuated my Physio studies.

Started climbing at the age of 15 and since that time, it has been an extreme passion. I’ve been a lead climber for a period of 4 years but then realized I was even more passionated for Bouldering! It’s simplicity is what drives me! All you need is a beautiful area, a proud line with cool moves and some people with who I can enjoy a day of climbing.

I would consider myself more as an outdoor boulderer, even if living in Belgium can be hard sometimes. This is why I’m also a competition climber, to keep a high motivation and get psyched on training with the idea of projecting outside.


Wettkampf (Auszug):

  • 1. Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2018
  • 4. Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2017
  • 6. Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2016
  • 3. Platz Belgian Bouldercup 2015
  • 2. Platz Belgian Bouldercup 2014
  • 2. Platz Belgian Boulder Nationals 2013



  • Armed Response, 8a+
  • Black Shaddow, 8a+
  • Pura Vida, 8A+
  • Massive Attack, 8A+
  • Les Beaux Quartiers, 8A
  • Free For All, 8A
  • Tigre et Dragon, 8A
  • Fata Morgana, 8A
  • Conviction, 8A
  • Nutsa, 8a


Was ich benutze: